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We hold classes in Regina, Canada at the District Fitness Studio on Broad Street.


Saturday: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Sunday: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Teacher: Sensei Bogdan Chivulescu, 3rd Dan
Contact: Sensei Chivulescu

Teacher Biography: Sensei Chivulescu

Sensei Chivulescu started practicing Karate during his first year as a university student in a mechanical engineering program. After several years of dedicated training he felt that the teaching method and the traditional lineage of that martial art did not promote the correct feeling of mind and body unification.  While seeking around for an art which could teach him the true way and discipline of mind and body unification he came across with the teachings of Koichi Tohei Sensei, the founder of Ki Aikido. Sensei Chivulescu realized that this was actually what he had been looking for so many years and decided to follow the path of Ki Aikido and Ki Principles. 

In the summer of 1990s, Sensei Chivulescu together with his friends Bogdan Udubasa and Florin Balint pioneered the introduction of the art of Ki Aikido in Romania, under the supervision and guidance of the Ki Federation of Great Britain senior teachers.

In the spring of 1991, with the endorsement of the Technical director and President of the Ki Federation of GB, Sensei Chivulescu and his friends opened in Bucharest, the first Romanian Ki Aikido club, which soon attracted a large following of enthusiastic and dedicated local students from all walks of life.

In October 1994, Sensei Chivulescu founded the Ki Foundation of Romania, a non-for profit organization, which was officially recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Sport and Youth. The Romanian Ki Foundation was founded in order to better promote the principles of mind and body unification/coordination and the teaching Ki Aikido in Romania.

Along the years Sensei Chivulescu has organized numerous Ki Aikido courses/seminars in Bucharest, where he would invite senior British teachers from the Ki Federation of G.B. Sensei Chivulescu would also regularly travel to UK in order to attend Ki Aikido courses and classes at various venues throughout UKIn the summer of 2001, he immigrated to Canada in order to pursue a professional career in mechanical engineering. Sensei Chivulescu settled in Edmonton, Alberta, where in the fall of 2003 he started to run a private Ki Aikido club. During the same time, after much deliberation and for personal reasons, he took the decision to resign from the Ki Federation of GB.

In the spring of 2005, Sensei Chivulescu became a direct student of Sensei Bill Andrew, a former senior teacher and Executive Member with the Ki Federation of GB, and then President and Technical Director of Aikido UK, a non for profit organization based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. In May 2006, while attending a course in Glasgow, Sensei Chivulescu received his 3rd dan from Sensei Bill Andrew.

Between the fall of 2008 and July 2010, Sensei Chivulescu, studied Ki Aikido under the mentorship of Sensei Ray Sturdy, Technical Director and President of Ki Aikido of Great Britain.

Under the mentorship and direct supervision of Sensei Bill Andrew and his senior Scottish students, Sensei Chivulescu has had the privilege to receive one of the best and highest standards of Ki Aikido in the world. He regularly makes trips to Scotland, UK, to attend classes and courses taught in the Aikido UK clubs.

Sensei Bogdan Chivulescu is currently operating a Ki Aikido dojo in Regina, Saskatchewan, while pursuing his professional career as a mechanical engineer in the power and oil and gas industries.


District Fitness Studio
1751 S Broad Street,
S4P 1X5

Sensei Chivulescu

Sensei Chivulescu

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